Morning Routines

Morning Routines

How you start your day matters! 

  • Lemon Hydration -The first thing I do when I wake up is grab a slice of lemon for my water and drink up at least a glass. With it's digestive and detoxification properties, lemon helps get things moving . 

  • Journal & Prayer Reading - While I'm waiting for the coffee to do its thing, I open my email to a devotional and read through. Or I grab my journal and write down some thoughts, but usually both. 
  • Intentions - Setting intentions for the day is a helpful thing in the world we live in, a world of distractions and chaos. To-do lists and keeping things straight, by prioritizing what's important, is key for me, too.
  • Breathing Meditation - I also try to be still at some point in my morning routine, before the coffee kicks in. Then I start my activities (workouts, spending time with friends and family, school work, work, etc.) Check out my breathing meditation blog for more on this.
  • Just Move - I usually try to move my body, whether it's taking a walk or some other form of movement, before I get too busy and the day flies by and its time for bed. 
  • Eat Breakfast - Eating breakfast helps your body function better verses skipping and not eating until lunchtime. Whether it's a fruit and veggie smoothie or an omelet with veggies. Eat to nourish your body cause you may have a busy day.

Obviously, this doesn't always happen this way, in this order, but ideally, I like to start days like this. 



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