You are beautiful just the way you are!

Do you know you are beautiful just the way you are?


Did someone once tell you that you were fat, ugly, stupid, or anything else of sorts? 

Do you struggle with how you see yourself today? 

What if there's a little kid almost "stuck" in that memory from your past, agreeing with whatever it was that person said about you? 

How do you change your current mindset about you? 

Sit with that little you. Be with them in all they feel. Hear them, see them. Be their advocate. 

No one knows you better than you. 

What if you wrote a note on your mirror or a sticky note somewhere to see regularly. Something to remind you that when those thoughts of self-dislike come up, you can have a prompt that those are not true.  

A reminder to connect to your little self and love on them. Sit with them, listen to them how you would your own child or a little one from your life.

What kinds of things might you say to your child self?

You aren’t whatever was said about you. You matter more. 

You are beautiful just the way you are!