The opposite of addiction isn't sobriety, it's connection!!

We all find ways to cope with pain and unmet needs early in our life. 

Avoid the pain. Distract from it. Numb it.

It makes sense why we do this. 

At some point along the way, we were needing comfort and connection and we didn't get that. So we go looking for things to fill that comfort need. Different foods, actions, and habits do something in our brain that feels like that "comfort" in a way of dopamine or endorphins or the feel-good brain chemicals.   

How do you cope?

I promise the pain won't take you out. Our triggers, coping mechanisms, and shame keep us stuck in cycles.

Our pain needs to be sat with, nurtured, felt, and comforted.  

Sometimes our wounds need to be held, accepted, heard or seen. They may need love and compassion spoken over them. Just being with ourselves and practicing self-awareness can be a great starting point.  

The goal is not to get rid of addictions or coping mechanisms or even protectors but to bring comfort to that child-self that needed it long ago and see what happens. 

Can I help you start a journey to be with yourself and rediscover your true design?