How To Start To Get Connected To You

What do you say when someone asks you how you are? Good? OK? Fine? ...And you? I think we all have an automatic response to this question and respond this way. 


But how are you doing? Do you know how you are doing? Not just surface stuff, job, family, friends, etc… But how is your inner world? Do you know? I want to help with that here. 


It seems to me most of us are pretty disconnected from ourselves. We live in such a fast-paced world full of checklists, scrolling on social media, daily to-do lists, and most of us are so frenzied that we skate through life pretty disconnected and numbed out from what is going on inside of us.


For me, I lived most of my life not connected to myself, really at all. Everyone else was more important because that’s what I was taught growing up. But the past couple of years I am learning to be more in tune with myself and it’s been such an amazing process. I’m communicating better. I’m articulating my needs to others. I feel more in touch with how I feel, what I desire, and know that I matter too. It's been a fun learning and growing experience.

What are your needs and how do you communicate them with others?

Are you connected to yourself?

Here are some benefits of being connected to yourself:

-You may feel more at peace and aligned with yourself.

-You may find you have more time to rest, relax, and be fully present.

-You can process emotions and struggles with more ease.

-The ebbs and flows may seem not so crazy intense. 


Do you want to practice connecting to your heart?


Here are some of my thoughts on how to?

1. Sit still and get comfortable, either seated or laying down position. 

2. Place your hand on your heart and maybe close your eyes if that feels right for you. 

3. Take a few deep breathes. Tune out any distractions or noises. Try focusing on getting your nervous system relaxed. 

(You can get a notebook out and write down your thoughts and feelings or any other impressions you feel. Journaling is such a great connector to become more aware of what is going on inside of you.) 

4. Ask questions, get curious:

Why am I feeling.. anxious, overwhelmed, (or whatever emotion you feel)…? 

What is holding me back from... eating better, moving my body,..(or whatever it is).?

What am I believing about this situation, myself, or someone else... that is not true?

What step can I take today that will help me reach my goal of...?

What am I needing at this moment?

(Write down anything that comes up in response to these questions or any other thoughts you may have.)

5. Do you hear anything? If not, it's ok. This may be a process, getting connected with you. 

Let's start here and see what comes up for you. 

6. Repeat. When you feel swirly, overwhelmed, anxious, or just to check-in and see how you are doing.

I practice this almost daily. 

I would love to hear how this goes for you.

Happy Connecting!!